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According to the latest rankings by the world bank on resolving insolvency, the United Kingdom stands at position 14 with the rising needs for insolvency reforms on business. There is an urgent need to make changes to the UK corporate insolvency. This is a finding by the accountants and firm insiders in the United Kingdom, after the UK failed to improve its standing on the world bank rankings as other states improve.

Many small nations like Slovenia and Iceland are above the UK in the rankings meaning they are investing more in the restructuring and implementation of changes in corporate insolvency. Despite an announcement by the government in suggesting various ways in dealing with the matter in August, nothing positive has been achieved.

Stuart Frith who is the president of R3 which is a trade body for insolvency services and restructuring, commented saying that the UK should not stagnate in the process of structuring and strengthening insolvency. He added further saying that despite the UK’s framework being strong globally and well considered, there was more room of making it better including securing jobs and other businesses.

Major failure incidences such as the Patisserie Valerie and Carillion have resulted in increased pressure of bringing additional legislation in an effort to enhance corporate governance. On delayed reforms, the specific time for government to execute the reform package was not stated since its announced in August. It claimed to start the reforms via legislation if the time for parliament meeting allows without giving the dates.

Frith commented further by urging to government to collaborate with them in ensuring the reforms are made through taking insolvency opinions seriously and worked on. Moreover, he said that more changes will be made since the reforms are usually perfect but could assist in improving the highly rated reforms framework and this could result in many restructuring deals being achieved.

However, a rise in the number of bankrupt individuals will still be recorded in Wales and England for the remaining period of 2018 which is a warning from Wilkins Kennedy, the top 20 United Kingdom business services company. The new insolvency report by the Q3 between the months of July and September 2018 shows that there was a 1.7% in the bankruptcies levels which was a rise of 12% in Wales and England at the same time span.

Louise Brittain who is an insolvency expert, also added stating that a 27% drop in the firm voluntary liquidation. He also added that businesses moving into administration increased by 26%. Explaining the matter, he said that owners of businesses could be leaving their business to get hit.

The issue of the UK pulling out from the European Union through Brexit, took a lot a central part in parliament discussions therefore taking a lot of time. The corporate adviser partner at Mercer and Hole, Chris Laughton said that this does not qualify to be an obstacle for implementing necessary steps.

The UK government tabled a number of suggestions which included a new plan for restructuring, preventing the ending of supplier contracts due to insolvency issues and a new moratorium among other proposals. The world bank ratings are summed up being on the rate of recovery of creditors, period taken in settling insolvencies, insolvency charges and the framework strength.